Plan: 6.44% Daily for 20 Days. Deposit included in profit.


EX COINS is focused on providing the best investment performance at a reasonable price. We adhere to the concept “if you want to have better results than others, learn to think differently." A rigorous process of researching the potential for investment is Central to our work. We apply high standards to potential investments to create a portfolio of simple products for our customers that would have a high investment attractiveness. Minimizing the risks that we carry with our customers in implementing our strategy is also at the heart of our philosophy. In 2019, EX COINS focused on a completely new cryptocurrency market and created a separate division of EX COINS EXPERT LTD (Company number 12363050,149 North Station Road, Colchester, England, CO1 1UX) in the UK with a registered capital of 100,000 pounds, which is actively working on new markets and aims to firmly establish itself as a company providing investment services in such a rapidly developing market.

Payment Listing

Type Date Amount
withdraw Feb. 6, 2020 6.44
withdraw Feb. 5, 2020 6.44
withdraw Feb. 4, 2020 6.44
withdraw Feb. 3, 2020 6.44
withdraw Feb. 2, 2020 6.44
withdraw Feb. 1, 2020 6.44
withdraw Jan. 31, 2020 6.44
withdraw Jan. 30, 2020 6.44
withdraw Jan. 29, 2020 6.44
withdraw Jan. 28, 2020 6.44
withdraw Jan. 27, 2020 6.44
deposit Jan. 26, 2020 300.0

Hyip Informations

  • Package basic
  • Status scam
  • Lifetime Dec. 15, 2019
  • Monitored Jan. 26, 2020
  • Withdraw manual
  • Work Day calendar

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